Ming Hai Inc

A Canadian Private Corporation

Specializing in Flax Seed Trading since 2007

Ming Hai Inc is a Canadian controlled private corporation, specialized on flax seed trading since 2007 and Ming Hai Inc. is Bonded and Licensed with CGC,


In 2018 Ming Hai Inc has started state of the art Linseed oil crushing plant in Saskatoon, Canada

Our Crushing plant crushes approx. 80MT flax per day in 24 hours and We purchase approx. 25,000MT flax every year directly from the growers in Saskatchewan.

We Export Flaxseed Oil to our buyers in China. And The meal we will sell here in North America to local feeding business and cattle farms.  

We set up procurement networks, located in western Canada and US northwest. These valued channels allowing us to buy produce directly from farmers with most competitive market price offering. We then aggregate, transport, process and trade the commodity into the most optimal local, regional or international market.

Our international and regional network enables us to move commodities directly to the areas of best comparative advantage. We also invest in logistics capacity to supplement available transporters to allow us to efficiently move commodity.

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