Flaxseed For Industrial Use

In the past, flaxseeds can be used for a wide variety of uses including food, illumination, medicine and fiber. Today, products of the flax plant have found wide usage and have grown in number and importance. Their expanded use over the years has been an important factor in the North American agriculture and industrial economy.


Flaxseed - sometimes referred to as linseed - is the seed of the flax plant. The primary industrial use for flaxseed other than seed for planting is for processing to obtain linseed oil and linseed meal.

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Health Benefits

Because of its link to good health, flax is fast becoming a new food in many diets. Bakers and commercial food companies use flax as a unique ingredient in everything from yeast breads, to bagels and cookie mixes. Not only do muffins and breads baked with flax taste great, but studies also find that these foods provide health benefits.

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